• Temper Sanguine, the sequel to Spirit Sanguine, takes Harvey, the vegetarian vampire, and his slayer boyfriend, Gabe, to interesting new places, many of them underground. More...
  • Dead ManDead Mand and the Lustful Spirit is a kinky short story set in Chicago and the same world as the Sanguine stories and the previeous Dead Man book. It's available as a free download at all the usual retailers. More
  • Secrets and Ink was published by Samhain in December, 2013. It's a contemporary story set in and around Hollywood, involving movie stars, sex, secrets, and murder. More



Dead ManDead Mand and the Army of Frogs is slated to come out on August 5, 2014. It follows the adventures of Denton (aka Dead Man) and Bran in Chicago as they face down spirits of all kinds. More

Dead ManI'm in the process of wrapping up edits of Secrets and Charms. The book is set in the same world as Secrets and Ink. It's more spin-off than a sequel. The protagonists are Olly—Jem's friend from the previous book—and a troublesome redhead Olly keeps butting heads with. The book will come out in December, right before Christmas.